New Infantry Rifle weapon coming soon to Fortnite


A new weapon has been announced by the in-game message of the day announcement. An Infantry Rifle will be coming soon to Fortnite!

As per usual, the in-game message of the day has been updated at the same time as the daily Item Shop reset. A surprise announcement has been made for a new weapon.

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The Infantry Rifle is visually similar to the Hunting Rifle, though is likely to function similarly to the Heavy Assault Rifle, with a slower fire rate and higher amount of damage.

Infantry Rifle

Classic design meets new combat style.

As indicated by the promotional image, the Infantry Rifle will have at least a Rare (Blue) variant. It’s not yet known whether there will be higher Rarity variants of the weapon.

What are your predictions for the Infantry Rifle? How do you expect it to function? Will this weapon significantly impact the overall meta of Fortnite?

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