Three New Fortnite Overtime Challenges Have Been Unlocked

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Three new Overtime Challenges have just been unlocked in Fortnite. Here are the new challenges and rewards.

The Overtime Challenges have been introduced to Fortnite as Season 7 is longer than previous seasons and as new challenges are released on a weekly basis, Overtime Challenges are being released every few days. Today, on 16th February, three new Overtime Challenges have been unlocked and are available for players to complete. You can see the challenges below:

New Fortnite Overtime ChallengesNew Fortnite Overtime Challenges

When players complete the first two challenges, they will receive 500XP for each challenge completed but the third challenge will unlock a loading screen. This loading screen contains a clue as to how players can unlock the final stage of the Prisoner Skin. We will let you know as soon as the method to unlock the last stage has been confirmed.

If you want to know how to unlock the previous stages, click on the links below:

Prisoner Skin Stage 2
Prisoner Skin Stage 3
Prisoner Skin Stage 4 (Unconfirmed but will be updated as soon as it has been confirmed)

You can view all the stages for the Prisoner skin here.

The next four challenges for the Overtime Challenges will be unlocked in three days and we will let you know as soon as they are revealed. The first three challenges will be XP rewards and the last challenge will be a contrail reward. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, @Fortnite_BR, for the latest Fortnite news. 

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