Images for the Leaked Upcoming LTMs in the 14 Day of Fortnite Event

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There are new LTMs that will be rotated daily in the 14 Days of Fortnite and the images for these have been data-mined.

Epic Games have introduced the 14 Days of Fortnite Event, where you can earn rewards every day by completing a specific challenges for the event, but also new LTMs (Limited Time Modes) are being introduced daily. Some of these LTMs have been released in the past, but quite a few of these will be new and different from what we’ve seen from the past.

We had previously leaked the names of the LTMs that should be released in these 14 days, but now @lucas7yoshi_ has data-mined a few of the images for these, as can be seen below:

Slide (Solo)

Slide LTM ImageSlide LTM Image

Food Fight (Teams of 16)
1 wall, 2 entrees, the Food Fight has begun! Build your base, wait for the barrier to drop, and battle it out in this new Limited Time Mode.

16 Player Food Fight LTM Image16 Player Food Fight LTM Image

Ground Game (Squads)
In Ground Game, the focus is on fighting smart – Spray & Pray and Build Spamming isn’t an option here. Fewer building materials can be carried and max ammo count is limited, so use the natural cover that the map provides and make every shot count!

Ground Game LTM ImageGround Game LTM Image

Sneaky Silencers (Solo)
Shhhhh be very very quiet!

Sneaky Silencers LTM ImageSneaky Silencers LTM Image

Close Encounters (50v50)

50 vs 50 Close Encounters LTM Image50 vs 50 Close Encounters LTM Image

High Explosives 50s (50v50)

50 vs 50 High Explosives Image50 vs 50 High Explosives Image

One Shot (Squads)

One Shot LTM ImageOne Shot LTM Image

Low Gravity. Every player has 50 health. Sniper weapons are the only weapon, Bandages are the only healing item. Jump high and aim well!
One Health- Don’t get hit or it’ll be back the lobby!
Low Gravity- You won’t weigh enough to hurt yourself upon landing, so go ahead and jump!
Aim Carefully- Only Sniper Weapons appear in this mode.

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