Opinion: it’s time to separate the aggressive Fortnite loot pool

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Fortnite Season 2 is an superior replace for public Fortnite matches, however aggressive gamers have some legit complaints.

Over the lifecycle of Fortnite, Epic has been extremely resistant in the case of separating the aggressive and informal loot swimming pools. They’ve declined requests at each flip and solely thrown us a number of bones over the previous two + years.

The one time that I can keep in mind the place Epic separated something was throughout Season X after they eliminated the BRUTE from Enviornment. Nonetheless, this variation took some time to implement and the distinction was solely there for a number of weeks.

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Final season, Epic introduced the Launch Pad again to Fortnite for the previous couple of weeks of the season. They didn’t add it to Enviornment till Season 2 began. Why was Epic so cautious with this variation after they utterly modified the meta for Season 2?

Epic Video games

Aggressive Fortnite gamers went from having a fundamental loadout in Season 1 to receiving mythic weapons, C4, a Grappler with limitless expenses, NPC henchmen, a number of unvaulted weapons, and new mechanics in Season 2. That is an insane in a single day change for the aggressive neighborhood.

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Epic has spoken about separate loot swimming pools previously. They’ve stated that they need to maintain the sport the identical to create the phantasm that anybody may very well be a aggressive participant. This technique is inherently flawed, nevertheless.

Enviornment and informal matches are already completely different. Enviornment has siphon, a 500-500-500 materials cap, and an elevated harvesting fee. That, alone, makes the sport completely different – and that’s with out contemplating the large playstyle variations in high-level enviornment matches.

Separate loot swimming pools pls from FortniteCompetitive

Fortnite Season 2 is, for my part, very enjoyable. I like the brand new places, the brand new mechanics, and most of the unvaulted weapons. The issue presents itself when you’ve got top-level gamers utilizing these new weapons and mechanics.

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Take a look at Crew Rumble – the informal of all informal sport modes. This mode has a separate loot pool. You may solely get uncommon or higher weapons, you begin with 150 of every materials, and there aren’t any henchmen or mythic weapons within the match.

Why, then, can’t Epic carry an analogous mentality to aggressive mode – the mode that they need to concentrate on if they need Fortnite to be a real esport?

Shakedown being on work together is an actual downside from FortniteCompetitive

What ought to change?

I feel that Epic ought to carry Enviornment Mode a lot nearer to what they’ve in Crew Rumble. To begin, they need to take away henchmen and mythic weapons from this mode, altogether.

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The above clip reveals one of many points with henchmen, however that is extra of a mechanical problem than something. This subsequent clip reveals precisely why Henchmen don’t have any place in Enviornment.

This henchman stole my kill, dropping me enviornment factors. Make henchmen credit score the final participant who broken them for an elim. from FortniteCompetitive

Admittedly, Epic may repair this downside by making a Henchman kill credit score the final actual participant to deal injury. Nonetheless, getting lasered by a Henchmen or turret and cleaned up by a participant will all the time go away a foul style in your mouth.

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Best gamers are asking for a similar factor: the removing of C4, miniguns, mythic weapons, and the Heavy Sniper. For my part, a loot pool just like Crew Rumble – one which begins at uncommon – could be the easiest way to restrict RNG as properly.

Epic most likely received’t change rarities like this, however separate loot swimming pools shouldn’t be such a non-starter for them. Aggressive Fortnite is inherently completely different, and it’s time that Epic began to deal with it that method.

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